BC Sprint — Winner

AXE has always championed confidence via romance and attraction. But to get Gen Z men excited to go buy AXE in stores, we saw a chance to reassociate it with an even more powerful source of swagger among teens: doing stupid dares with their friends.

Our Pitch

The Experience
Step 1 - Buy a can of AXE and scan the code.

Step 2 - Submit one of the current dares.

Step 3 - Win epic prizes and experiences. Dares and smaller prizes are rotated and awarded frequently, while a new Big One is up for grabs each month.

We teased the dares in stores...

...and promoted prizes on TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

YouTube creator partnerships solidify that this is indeed something the cool kids are doing. Who is NichLmao? What is rizz? I learned so much in 4 days.

Art Director: Alyssa Moreno
Strategist: Will Russell
Strategist: Sabelle Chambers
Experience Designer: Paul Noonan
Experience Designer: ShuHan Tu


Beep Me

New York, NY