D&AD Submission 

eBay wants to be the undisputed place for Gen Z Brits to sell their stuff. And while Gen Z doesn’t think much of selling, they are obsessed with seeking. We launched a new app feature that channels their fascination with “lost items” and sparks a hunt for hard-to-find novelty and nostalgia.

For The Judges’ Consideration

The Finders Feed
Looking for that long lost grail? Post a description and story to the feed. Or, you can explore the postings just like any other social media — you just might have what someone’s searching for.

“I can’t find this Care Bear Aqua mouse.”

“Wait, I have one of those!”

Tube Takeover
Over the holidays, Gen Z heads to the treasure trove that is their childhood homes. We’ll take over the trains to get them in the seeking mindset.

Art Director: Eleni Alafoginis
Experience Designer: Peyton Spangler
Strategist: Will Russell
Brand Manager: Hannah Zetty


Beep Me

New York, NY